Saturday, 19 February 2011

Survivor Theory- Going Live

After 21 seasons on the air in the US alone, Survivor is still going strong. While Mark Burnett and co. might believe that the show's success hinges on voyeuristic interest in bikini-clad models and  chiseled-ab'ed aspiring actors, we think we know better.

Though the ripped bods may be why Probst is still so excited about his job.

Survivor continues to fascinate because it's a game unlike any other- a cutthroat social endurance game played out in front of the cameras. It's an every man (and woman) for themselves game in which you must rely on others to succeed. And unlike many other games, there are many strategies that stand an equally good chance of getting you to the end.

We started this blog because we love Survivor- particularly because it's such a microcosm of human interaction. In future posts, we won't just be discussing the events of the last episode, but will also be dissecting player strategy. Along the way, we'll be applying what we know of modern tools used to describe and understand human behavior, including Evolutionary Psychology, Behavioral Economics, and Game Theory. We call it Survivor Theory.

We hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as we know we'll enjoy writing it.

- The Strategist and The Anthropologist

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  1. Love Probst's salacious grin in that picture!